What do our parents say?

“It is so heartwarming to walk in in the morning and see kind and smiling faces. I leave happy, knowing my daughter will have another day filled with wonderful experiences thanks to your loving, nurturing, compassionate teachings. It truly takes a village, and we have found ours at FSP!”

“We felt an instant sense of community when we walked through the doors. I've worked with a lot of kids in a lot of schools, and I've never seen a more peaceful, nurturing, loving, respectful school.”

“The values of the school, and the loving kind atmosphere, give it a unique quality of place. There is a sense of purposefulness at FSP, one that fosters thoughtfulness and kindness towards others.”

“The relationships between teachers and students--the sense of playfulness and genuinely caring about kids--is really extraordinary and the opportunity for kids to feel respected and have genuine respect for educators is an incredible foundation for lifelong learning.”

“As [my children] navigate high school, it is clear that the foundation both in academics and in themselves is rooted in all that happens inside FSP’s walls. They are compassionate, curious and caring young people, traits we admired when we first started back in 2010. I am sincerely grateful to the teachers and staff that hold such a beautiful space for children to become their best selves.”

“As a family, we value community and simplicity --we try to take the lessons and spirit of the school and build them into our family, as they really resonate with us.”

“Never change…the caring and respect shown to every member of the school community. This teaches as much as the academics.”

“Never change…the general spirit of peaceful community and acceptance that everyone enjoys through the day.”

“Never change…the spirit from which the education is offered--from a place of knowing each child is great, that each child has places to grow and stretch, and that each child has something to offer the Friends School community.”

“Never change…the positive energy created by the combination of the Quaker philosophy and the terrific community.”

“Never change…the freedom for kids to be themselves without fear. Everyone is very accepting of differences in abilities, age, dress, etc. that I know you won’t find in most schools over a wide range of ages.”

“The respectful atmosphere, the sense of peace and belonging and acceptance at the school and the priority placed on the qualities; these are the advantages we see in Friends.”

“The loving relationships between teachers and students are remarkable at FSP…they genuinely seem to see the Light in everyone and that is magical.”

“We like the educational philosophy and emergent curriculum focus… We like that our child’s education includes learning about how to treat others respectfully and how to engage in a group process.”

“Never change…the respect for the dignity and worth of each individual child, parent, faculty and staff in the FSP community.”

“FSP is a beautiful, close-knit community that shares a general philosophy. This is undeniably one of its primary advantages.”

“The dedication to small, multi-age classrooms with a high expectation for learning excellence and cooperative socialization within a Quaker context is key.”

“Never change…the spirit of the school--welcoming, personal and committed, caring staff and families.”

“We have really enjoyed being part of the school community. It’s been wonderful and I think the school, staff and classroom parents work hard to foster that feeling. Great job!”

“Never change…the tender loving care with which each person at the school cares for every child who comes here.”

“Never change…that [the Head of School] awaits the arrival of each and every student and greets them all by name at the beginning of each day. It is a simple but very meaningful gesture.”

“We feel like our child is understood, seen and loved.”

“Never change…the kindness and intimacy of teachers towards students and families…it creates a level of trust and confidence in learning.”

“Never change…the small size of the school and what it brings to Quaker meeting, assembly, and the connections between the younger children and the older ones. There is an amazing warmth and sense of true caring between the classes which feels so special to me.”

“I am always so impressed at the level of genuine involvement of these teachers. I can’t say enough about this experience!”

“The things that make me light up [about FSP] are the teachers pushing the children to think for themselves, engaging in curiosity and allowing children to develop on their own accord without using the pressure of conformity to shape behavior.”

“I highly value the diversity of income levels at the Friends School. This brings a diversity of perspectives and experiences.”

“We greatly appreciate the emphasis on respectful ways of being and other aspects of a values-based education.”

“I really appreciate the careful nurturing of community and the focus on caring social interactions among the children.”

“Never change…the spirit of the school: open, affirming, curious, respectful.”

“Never change…the way you teach harmony and conflict resolution.”