General Aftercare Information

The Aftercare program is designed as an inclusive, child-centered time of play, self discovery, and learning with supervision and guidance provided by the members of the Aftercare staff. It is an opportunity for children in preschool through eighth grade to come together for a healthy afterschool snack and then to move outdoors for play and exploration. Aftercare is guided by the Quaker principles of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship. The Aftercare staff strives to meet the needs of each student while placing an emphasis on group awareness and harmony.

Parents may sign up for either:

  • Full-time aftercare (Monday through Friday until 5:30pm for the whole school year)
    Rate: $2,500/year (a 25% discount is offered for second and third sibling who attend full-time aftercare)

  • Regular part-time (a set part-time schedule, for example: Tuesdays and Thursdays until 4:00pm)
    Rate: $9.25/hour

  • Drop-in (as needed/space permitting; must sign up before 2:00 pm Mon-Thurs and 1:00pm on Friday)
    Rate: $11.50/hour


Registration and Billing (IMPORTANT CHANGES FOR 2018-19)

In order to be able to attend Aftercare, students must have an Aftercare Contract on file specifying either Full-time, Part-time, or Drop-in status. Click here to download the form, or get a copy in the main office.

  • Billing for Full-time, Part-time, and Drop-ins will be sent out via email after the end of the month. Please make sure your email address on file is up to date!

  • You will be billed for reserved time slots whether or not your child attends Aftercare.*

  • Changes to contracted Aftercare slots may happen anytime during the month of September.

  • Changes to Aftercare Contracts after September 28, 2018 may only be made during the months of November & February with the change taking effect at the beginning of the next billing cycle (December 1 and March 1).

  • To make a change to your child’s schedule, please complete and submit an updated contract.

*Please note that if your child is participating in a non-Aftercare activity such as Outing Club, Photo Club, or Lego Robotics on a day that they are registered for Aftercare, they will still be billed for their regular Aftercare hours, as staffing, snack, and material budgets are based on full- and part-time registration.


Signing Out Procedures

Parents sign their children out each day in the Aftercare notebook by the front door, noting the time of pickup. This ensures we know that a child has left the building, The signing our procedures also helps us bill families correctly. If a child is not signed out, parents will be charged for the full afternoon. If a child is picked up after 5:30, we will add a fee of $20.


Aftercare Staff

Linda Ashe-Ford is our Aftercare Coordinator. Please direct your questions, concerns, comments, and suggestions regarding Aftercare to Linda: During Aftercare hours, Linda can be reached on the Aftercare cell phone: 207-233-2354. Aftercare staff members include Pete Curtis, Billy Maley, and Cara Smith.