Crow Camp

Ages 9-11

$325 week (Summer 2019)

Crow campers spend their days working from our outdoor camp shelter and our forest tent. Each week will focus on investigating one or more wilderness awareness and outdoor living skills such as: wildlife tracking, compass orienteering, birds and bird songs, identifying edible and poisonous plants, uses of wood and tool making, and weather and safety concerns.  One or two days a week Crow Campers travel in our school bus to a nearby beach or nature preserve to spend the day exploring and practicing skills!

Crow Camping Adventure

Ages 9-11


A four day, three night adventure for Crow Campers (one week prior Crow Camp participation is required). Campers will use skills learned from camp throughout this wilderness adventure. The specific destination will be determined based on enrollment (minimum of 5, maximum of 8 campers).

Do you have a question about summer camp?

Please email Laura Glendening, Director of FSP’s Summer Programs at