Parent involvement in school is key to each student's success and to the health of the school community.  Here are some ways to support the school community.

Spreading the Word

When you tell your friends and neighbors about Friends School of Portland, it makes a big difference. They value your word and they, in turn tell others.


This school has already taken unexpected turns because of the talents and interests of people like you. Your expertise may be just what we need! Let us know.

Point parents

Each classroom has one designated "point parent" to help facilitate social gatherings among families, to help coordinate volunteer opportunities within the classroom, and to strengthen teacher-parent communication.  Point parents help promote a strong sense of classroom community and will help foster effective communication between and among parents, teachers and FSP administration.

Some point parent roles may be:

  • Help arrange fun events to build community within classes and between classes

  • Work with the classroom teachers to provide support when needed including communication with parents, field trip organizing, and soliciting classroom volunteers

  • Announce and fill school-wide volunteer and fundraising opportunities

There will still be plenty of ways to help in your classroom and the school community as a whole. Point parents will now facilitate your access to volunteer opportunities and will be an organizational resource for you and for the school.