For a list of where our graduates have gone to high school and college, visit our Alumni page.

Our graduates have a strong academic foundation and love to learn:

“Everyone in my class [at FSP] had such a good work ethic. Everyone wanted to do their best. I never thought of myself as high achieving, but coming into high school I was working harder than other people. I still want to do my best work and be proud of everything I do.”

“In high school there is the expectation that you’ll write a lot and read a lot.  FSP prepared me with the skills I would need to do this.”

“I felt more prepared entering high school than a lot of my [new] classmates.”

“Not having strict grades [at FSP] helped me. I was learning to learn, not to get high grades. Even now, I still like learning--I don’t worry too much about the grades that go along with it. It’s an important balance: don’t let the grades consume the fun you could be having learning.”

“We’re taught well at FSP. If you put in work and time, you can do well in high school, too.”

“I learned to enjoy the learning process.”

“I push myself really hard. Knowing what I want, being true to myself, really helps me.”

“I took all the highest-level freshman classes.”

“I just try to make sure I’m doing what I think is my best. I don’t try to obsess about the grade, because that’s not what really matters. What matters is that you learn things.”

“The academic transition was easy for me.”

“I had a really hard time in math at FSP, but then I got to high school and realized what I was learning at FSP was above what I needed to know as a freshman.”

Our graduates are well prepared socially:

“FSP prepared me for relationships in a really good way.  I entered high school with a positive outlook toward everybody.” 

“FSP helped me learn how to reach out to people.”

“At FSP you’re with friendly people and so you learn to be friendly.”

“FSP prepares you to apply your confidence to not just academics but social situations, too.”

“FSP gave me some important building blocks that I didn’t start using until later: how to be more confident in a classroom setting and feeling comfortable speaking in front of people…. Who I was in the smaller environment of FSP came out after a while in high school.”


Our graduates carry FSP’s core values with them:

“Being in a mindful living and learning community at FSP gives you such a solid foundation. Your looks change in high school but your core values don’t.”

“Eighth grade (at FSP) changed me, and I credit that year with helping me succeed in being true to my values and sense of self.”

“Having that core set of values and that strong foundation from FSP, I never had a problem with peer pressure.”

“I feel like I have a strong sense of right and wrong.”

“FSP teaches you to stay open minded, to really listen with purpose, and to value other people’s opinions, not just to advocate your own view.”

“As a high school senior, I think a lot about all of the SPICES, especially integrity. I take people seriously, loving and respecting them.”

“At FSP you are taught how to be a good leader and a good group member. I feel like my experience has helped me be more tolerant of people I’m doing projects with. I’ve learned to hear out people, and how to appreciate other people’s perspectives.”

“There are a lot of people who think differently than me. At FSP I learned there are two sides to every issue; you should be able to engage in a respectful discussion.”

“FSP gave me a lot of core values that I still try to act on.”

“I wrote a college essay about the Quaker values. I used them to explain who I am as a person.”

“The values taught at FSP help you to understand the other sides of arguments, even if you don’t completely agree with them.

They are grateful for the environment at FSP:

“Middle school at FSP provides you with the perspective and space to learn rather than being thrown into a mini high school.”

“I am grateful to FSP for allowing me to develop my passions and for shaping me as individual.”

“Having the close-knit and not competitive community at FSP gives you a safe environment to not just learn in, but to grow as a person.”