What kind of students are we looking for?

Friends School of Portland warmly welcomes students who will benefit from our programs and instructional philosophy, and who will contribute positively to the life of the school community.

FSP is most suitable for the student who is friendly, curious, self-reliant, and willing to collaborate as a creative learner in community with others. This child persists when the climb seems uphill and is comfortable with stillness when thoughtful reflection is needed. The successful FSP student works hard, has fun, practices leadership, and enters high school confident and well-prepared. We seek families who support our Quaker values and our educational goals. We are committed to building and maintaining a community that is diverse and inclusive with regard to race, ethnicity, gender, creed, family structure, and economic background, knowing that such diversity enriches all of us.


What is Quaker Education?

The values-centered environment and character of a Friends school comes directly from the faith and practice of Quakerism. Quakers teach tolerance of and respect for all faiths, and Friends schools are open to children of all religious backgrounds. A Quaker education is based on the values of simplicity, integrity, harmony, peace and equality, and a belief in "that of God" in each person. These values guide the actions and decisions of the faculty, students, and Board of Directors at Friends School of Portland. We combine academic excellence with a commitment to developing each person's self-worth, tolerance and respect for others, and a commitment to service to their community and wider world.


Why send your child to Friends School of Portland?

We believe that a small learning community dedicated to living positive values openly and consciously is the best educational environment for children. In a consumer society where speed, material wealth and outer appearances seem to matter most, we offer time for reflection, simplicity and careful use of resources, and a continual search for the truth. We look for each child's natural gifts and help the child develop the intellectual, social, and emotional skills to meet life's challenges. We provide a high standard of academic learning, a small student/teacher ratio that allows for appropriate individualization, multi-age groupings, community service, and a chance for parents to be involved in the school community. These values have been hallmarks of Friends schools for over 200 years. As Gandhi said, "We must be the change we wish to see in the world."

For more information, visit the Our Mission & Quaker Values page.

Would you like to receive more information?

Please click here to fill out our online inquiry form, or call Jen McNally, Admissions Director, at (207) 781-6321.