Chickadee Camp

Ages 4-5

$300 a week (Summer 2019)

Chickadee Camp is about summertime fun!

We start each day, and each week, building a joyful community of campers. At our morning circle we kindly greet new friends and spend time sharing stories. In our fields and woods campers explore, play, and relax. Campers sing songs, cook food, make puppets, draw, paint, and build sculpture and crafts. Every Wednesday, water fun and sprinkler play ends the day.

Each Chickadee Camp week shares some of the above activities and is also somewhat different. Our counselors choose a theme from nature each week -- such as clouds, forests, or insects -- through which new stories, songs, games and more are brought into the camp circle. One week last year the Chickadees campers and counselors created and presented a very funny play about some wise and some crafty birds!

A typical day in Chickadee Camp follows this basic schedule:

8:30 outdoor play

9:00 circle and sharing

9:30 woods walk

10:00 snack

10:30 craft or cooking activity

12:00 lunch, story, rest

1:00 art, story, song time

2:00 outdoor games

2:40 whole camp gathering

3:00 dismissal

Do you have a question about summer camp?

Please email Laura Glendening, Director of FSP’s Summer Programs at