Tuition 2019-2020

Grades 1-8                                         $ 18,245

Kindergarten                                     $ 15,401  

Preschool            Full Day                 Mornings

5 days/week        $ 14,037                  $ 11,126

3 days/week        $ 11,058                  $   8,623

2 days/week          $ 8,556                  $   6,394

Enrollment Deposit

Kindergarten & Grades 1-8              $ 1,000                             

Preschool, 5 full days                        $ 1,000

2 or 3 day, & all morning-only programs   $750

To reserve a spot at Friends School for the upcoming school year, the non-refundable enrollment deposit is due March 1 for returning students and March 25 for new students (or 14 days after notification of acceptance).

Aftercare – after school program until 5:30 pm (optional)

Full Time                            $2,500/school year

Regular part time                $ 9.25/hour

Drop-in as space allows   $ 11.50/hour

Tuition Payment

Single Payment Plan

  • Tuition for the entire academic year is due in full by July 1.

  • Any delinquent or unpaid bills as of August 1 will be shifted to FACTS Management Company, Inc. Deferred Payment Plan, with 7 monthly payments beginning August with the final payment due in February. An extended payment fee of 4% will be added to any balance as of August 1.

Two Payment Plan

  • One half of the tuition is due by July 1.

  • The remaining half plus a 4% extended payment charge is due by January 1.

  • If the first payment is late, the balance will be shifted to the Deferred Payment Plan of FACTS Management Company.

  • An additional late charge of 1% will be added each month to the unpaid balance as of February 1.

Ten-Payment Plan

  • Ten monthly payments will begin in May with the final payment due in February.

  • An extended payment fee of 4% will be added to the total tuition.

  • Friends School of Portland has contracted with FACTS Management Company to process all monthly tuition payment plans.  

Click here for information on applying for financial aid.