The preschool class is a joyful place for children to grow in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. Quakers believe that each person has a unique Inner Light; for that reason, Quaker education is a process where both student and teacher are learning together. All children bring their own way of learning into the world, to be nurtured and celebrated.

Three- and four-year-olds are natural learners with a built-in urge for exploration and experimentation. Two hours or more each day are spent in active play, providing plenty of chances to develop the imagination and problem-solving skills necessary for later abstract learning. Teachers observe the children’s play and provide resources so that groups and individuals are able to follow their own learning journeys. Curiosity and questions are encouraged, and the search for answers is a mutual adventure.

Significant learning experiences outside are directly correlated to greater interest in all learning and improved performance in all academic areas. Daily free time in our woods--one hour or more, in all kinds of weather-- and occasional field trips to other outdoor areas provide opportunities to develop a deep appreciation for our natural world.

While we recognize that each child is unique, we also emphasize the joy of creating a community. We have communal snack each day. Our school’s oldest students visit their preschool buddies each week to read and play with them. We encourage each other to show kindness, appreciation, helpfulness, cooperation, and flexibility.

Each day follows a similar rhythm and includes specials (P.E., art and music), circle, exploration and free play, snack, outdoor time, lunch, rest time, and an end-of-day activity. Math, literacy and science are woven into the workings of our days.

Frequent communication with families is a hallmark of the preschool program; teachers provide daily emails with observations and photos

We offer a 2-, 3- or 5-day program with either half days (until noon) or full days (until 3pm). Optional aftercare is available until 5:30pm.

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