Grade 5-6

Year 1 Essential Question: What does it mean to be an American?

Year 2: What are the factors that lead to change and revolution?

• 40 minutes of outdoor recess each day

Competent, engaged, and reaching ever wider into the world, these students love independence and projects!

In math, students solidify, extend, and put to use their understanding of basic operations, integers, fractions, measurement, and basic geometry.  A key emphasis is engaging with complex math problems that call upon mathematical thinking, computation, and flexible problem-solving.

Through authentic reading and writing activities, often integrated with social studies or current event topics, students hone skills of oral and written communication and learn to manage complex group projects independently. Students have access to class laptops, which allows them to become more comfortable with composing and editing a document, and with computer-based research and presentations.

In science, process is emphasized: students work on formulating testable questions, gathering experimental data, and drawing and communicating conclusions.

Spanish language study becomes more intensive, with classes both in small- and whole-group settings to allow for exploration of new skills and vocabulary, opportunities to practice speaking, and engaging projects.

In the art studio, students demonstrate independent and individual artistic behaviors, practice increasingly complex techniques, and work cooperatively in a studio setting.

The music experience in fifth-eighth grade weaves the study of theory, music history, and ethnomusicology opportunities for composition, ensemble work, and performance.

In physical education, fifth and sixth graders work on improved coordination by practicing more advanced skills and movements, demonstrating fair play and positive attitude, and developing leadership skills.

The fifth-eighth grade Body, Mind, Spirit program emphasizes leadership, stewardship, and community building, and it protects time for important group conversations around interpersonal, health, and other issues and questions that arise for young adolescents.

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