Welcome to Friends School of Portland; we’re glad you’ve found us!  This is an extraordinary community, for many reasons. As a Quaker school, FSP is  guided by values that make themselves felt in all aspects of the life of the school.  On a daily basis, we talk about and do our best to act according to the Quaker SPICES:  simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship. It’s amazing to see even our youngest students come to understand these values.

As important as the SPICES are the people who make up the school community.  For a small elementary and middle school, our circle is wide. We are members of Friends Council on Education, a national and international network of Friends schools.  We are under the care of Portland Friends Meeting, where our founding teacher, Mary Tracy, drew inspiration and support 14 years ago. Every one of our students, graduates, faculty members, board members, parents, advisors, and grandparents has shaped us.  We are who we are because of those who have traveled our path with us.

We hope you’ll come to know and be part of this community of joyful learning, one that challenges and empowers each of us.

Warm regards,

Jenny Rowe